Thursday, January 2, 2014

Getting Real With Resolutions For The New Year

So now that my waistline is a bit thicker from all of the Christmas cookies and my wallet a bit thinner from so much shopping, I think it's a perfect time to sit down and think about some resolutions for the new year. In the past, I've written them down on paper, never shared them with a soul and ultimately lost that piece of paper by the end of the year. I'm trying something new here by sharing with all of you so I can really hold myself accountable...and can't blame anything on losing a list.

When I sat down and thought about it, the majority of my resolutions for the new year seemed to be centered around the following quote.

Sure I still want to lose a few pounds & not that I'm scared of doing things but sometimes I think that fear can stop us in our tracks. Here are a few on my list: 

1. Travel more. I have a list a mile long of places near & far that I want to visit and while I'm not scared of the travel aspect I can talk myself out of it for various reasons. I'm afraid that I'll spend more money than anticipated and won't have as much in my savings or that I'll run out of vacation days and miss out on something else that comes up. Whatever the fear, they're not good reasons. I'm young, healthy and don't have anyone but myself to care for so now's the time for more travel.

2. Stop comparing my life to others'. I find it easy to see where someone else is at in life and compare mine to theirs. Sometimes I'm happy with the comparison, sometimes I'm afraid that I'll never stack up or accomplish the same milestones. In 2014, I can't measure my life against others' because really, it's like comparing apples to oranges. What might be good for someone else in that moment might not be good for me and I can't be afraid of doing things just for myself. 

3. Join a team or take a class. I'm not in college anymore but there are still so many different options out there to play a sport or explore an interest. I can't be afraid to try something new or to commit to a group for a period of time because I just might have the time of my life or meet some amazing people in the process.

4. Be more vocal. In all aspects of my life - at work, with friends, among family. No one is going to think my ideas are crazy or stupid and if they do, I can't be afraid to cut ties. I hate conflict & will usually do anything I can to avoid it but this year I need to stop fearing it so I can resolve issues & ultimately have more fun.

So there's my short, text heavy list of resolutions for 2014. You can hold me to fact, please do! What are yours for the new year? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Ill borrow the first's even easier to talk yourself out of traveling when you have to pack a gazillion baby things! Travel light and just go!

  2. I definitely need to do more of it and less thinking about it! Let me know if your travels ever bring you and your family to Boston :)

  3. Great list. Thanks again for linking up with us at Thursday STYLE!

  4. This is such a smart and practical list! I especially need to remember #2...not to constantly compare myself to others :) Thanks so much for linking up at Thursday STYLE!