Thursday, April 24, 2014

You Know You're Getting Older When...

It's official. I am now closer to being 30 than 20. The freshmen when I was a senior in college have graduated. I get more bills in the mail than care packages. While age is purely a number to me, today has made me realize you know you're getting older when...

[[1]] People wish you a happy birthday because they received a notification from LinkedIn - rather than Facebook - letting them know that it's your birthday.

[[2]] People ask you how old you are and you have to stop and genuinely think about it before answering.

[[3]] When you do tell them how old you're turning they tell you "That's not that bad..."

[[4]] You actually know every person who writes on your wall to wish you a happy birthday.

[[5]]  Receiving a thoughtful card, a slice of cake or your favorite pastry & coffee means infinitely more than receiving a new item of clothing or obligatory gift. Thank you, friends!!! :)

[[6]] You wait until the weekend to really celebrate since you can't skip work the next day like you could skip class.

[[7]] You're already thinking about how much you'll have to go to the gym this next week to try to work off any sweets and alcohol.

[[8]] No one actually sings the full 'Happy Birthday' song to you.

[[9]] You made an effort to try to go to bed before midnight the night before your birthday rather than stay up til then to start celebrating.

[[10]] Friends post a photo to celebrate you and you realize it was taken almost 10 years ago. Wow.

Thank you to everyone who's helped me start year 26 off on a great note!