Monday, November 4, 2013

The Moment Of Truth

I enter contests like it's my job. I never win but I convince myself every time that I will. Every damn time. And when I don't win every time, I just start looking for the next one that I will win.

Should I be embarrassed right now? Probably. But today's the moment of truth. I'm winning HGTV's Urban Oasis - I'm just waiting to be notified right now.

But seriously, who could pass up a chance to win an incredible, fully furnished apartment in the W Hotel in Boston? I just unchecked the boxes so I wasn't spammed with daily emails and checked the box so my info was remembered and I didn't have to re-enter the same thing every day. Can you tell I'm a pro at this?

In conclusion, I have no real insight for you today - I just ask that you keep your fingers crossed for me! I promise I'll invite you over to my new home once I'm settled in after winning. I'll even cook you up a sweet meal if you're lucky (and you don't make fun of me for entering contests)!

Here's to hoping it's a really happy Monday! 

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