Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boston Strong

I'm superstitious with respect to sports so I'm not going to say too much. I don't want to jinx it and risk my sports enthusiast boyfriend potentially blaming me for some error the team made (but hopefully doesn't). But, I can state the obvious. The Red Sox are in the World Series.

What this means for me:

1. I'm officially all aboard the bandwagon and have comfortably settled in (on my couch) for the ride. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Red Sox fan. I enjoy going to the games and I usually go to several each season. I own a Red Sox t-shirt and it's not a pink one. I like baseball but in general, I don't find it to be the most captivating of sports to watch on TV.

2. The green line trains are packed. The windows fog up. You can't breathe let alone move and the riders are headed to Fenway Park...right when you're leaving work. I always feel a mixture of pity & pleasure when I hear game goers make the assumption that the Fenway stop is where they need to get off (that'd make sense, right?), rather than Kenmore.

3. I will be in a haze for the next week. Game start times after 8 p.m. + my inability to unwind and immediately fall asleep after games plus + my general refusal to get out of bed every morning regardless of how the previous night was = me in a haze of haziness.

4. I may or may not be having a few more pumpkin beers than I normally would. The long games on fall nights just leave the lonely bottles in the fridge calling my name and you can't just have one Shipyard Pumpkinhead, can you?

5. You might catch me wearing my Red Sox t-shirt somewhere other than the gym this weekend. I'm not big on sports paraphernalia or logos or branded anything (unless it's my college's name) but I just might be tempted to break out the ole Sox shirt this weekend.

Everything else aside, I'm excited. The Pru's been lit with Sox colors to show team spirit and city pride and the Citgo sign shines bright (bright like a diamond) down the road from my apartment. So I haven't even had to ask myself why not stay up for each game. It wasn't even a question. Boston Strong.

What does your team playing for the championship mean to you?

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