Friday, February 21, 2014

My Friday Five - Music To Take You Into the Weekend

Today is dragging by. Like having 5 minutes pass before I look at the clock again for a millionth time is a serious win this Friday. It's one of those days where I treat work like a workout and I just listen to a pump-me-up kind of playlist just so I can make it to the end of my run work. I have a feeling I'm probably not the only person out there feeling this way so my Friday five are a list of five songs to help you make it to the weekend.

1. Happy by Pharrell Williams - You can't listen to this song without feeling, well, happy....And it's Friday so I have to smile.

2. The Man by Aloe Blacc - That's right everyone. I'm the (wo)man. And well this song just makes me think of Tom Brady and his good looks.
3. Whatever She's Got by David Nail - This song just makes me happy. I think it's a love song and I just want everyone to find what/who they're looking for...even if it's just for a weekend.

4. Original Don by Major Lazer & The Party Squad - Was I the only one wondering what song was being played in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas commercial? Because this is it.

5. Damn Girl by Justin Timberlake, - In honor of his concert next week that I will attending I'm starting the JT binge a week early. 

Hopefully you all have some songs to take you into the weekend now. TGIF (Gawd I miss the days when TGIF shows and popcorn were the best start to the weekend)!

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