Sunday, December 29, 2013

Twelve Days Of Christmas

It feels like I blinked and Christmas was over as quickly as Santa can throw back cookies; like I'd just found the radio station playing non-stop Christmas carols when people were already starting to return gifts that didn't fit or weren't to their taste. I never realized how much that extra week in between Thanksgiving and Christmas actually makes.

Every year, we all sing the Christmas song "The Twelve Days of Christmas." You know, the partridge in a pear tree, those two turtle doves or all those golden rings. You probably sing the song leading up to Christmas each year but how many of you knew that the twelve days of Christmas are the days following this joyous holiday?

Although my bank account isn't too pleased with all of my recent Christmas gift shopping, that doesn't mean that I can't keep the Christmas spirit alive for a few extra days. There's more to this time of year than just buying people presents. 

To carry on the remaining days of the season, I plan on doing little things to keep spreading the cheer.  Why not, right? To name a few, I will be:

  • Writing thank you notes to those who were so generous to me this holiday.
  • Having extra patience around those who usually try my patience quickly.
  • Leaving an extra couple of dollars in a tip when I go out to eat.
  • Calling my grandmother a bit more often just to check in and say hi. 
  • Holding the door for the person behind me.
  • Giving someone in need on the street a helping hand (or dollar).
  • Oh, and listening to Christmas carols a little longer than I should be...

I realize that might not be the most exciting or entertaining list but I think they're all attainable and necessary - sometimes less really is more. What's on your list?

Hope everyone has a very merry twelve days of Christmas and that you keep your spirit (and decorations!) up through January 5th!

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